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Fringe Season Three Episode Two: The Box

October 1, 2010 at 11:04 pm by Christine.

As the Fringe opens, Newton fills in Bolivia on Olivia and her team and removes her sun tattoo to help her blend in. She asks about the job she needs done, and he says he sent a team to the site.

Nearby, a family is tied up in a home while a man is watching TV. In the basement, the guy’s brother and a friend dig up a metal box. When they open it, they both go catatonic. The guy upstairs, finds them, closes the box and runs back upstairs. The family is now bleeding too and the TV has gone to static.

At the lab, Astrid reads William Bell’s obituary to Walter while Broyles and Peter look over the blueprints of the machine from the other side. Peter says that Walternate still needs a couple of parts, one of which happens to be Peter. Broyles asks Walter why the machine needs Peter to work and Walter just says that its dangerous.

The team visits the house of the dead family and Broyles says that he’s getting fingerprints off the two dead diggers. Broyles figures out a third thief took whatever they dug up.

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