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Netflix 2 Week Free Trial Review

Netflix has recently started offering new users a 2 week free trial of it’s acclaimed movie rental service. I decided to check out the free trial and find out exactly what Netflix has to offer. Netflix allows you to rent movies online, you can then either watch these movies instantly on your computer or have them sent to your house on DVD or Blu-ray.

Signing Up

After clicking on a link to the 2 week free trial I found the sign up process to be very clear and straight forward. It took me about 5 minutes to sign up, including entering my shipping address and what not.

Choosing Movies

Once you create your account you are then asked to add movies to your Netflix Queue. Your Queue is the order in which movies will be sent to you. I recommend adding at least 5 movies to your queue, this way you will keep receiving movies without having to log in and add a new one each time you send one back.

I received my first selection in my mailbox in about one business day. The disk came in a red pre-paid Netflix envelope that I could also use to return the movie. When I was done movie I just followed the instructions, put it back in the envelope and stuck it in my mailbox, it was that simple.

Watching Movies and TV Shows Online

As I said above Netflix also recently launched a service that allows you to watch movies instantly online. If the movie you chose is available to watch on your computer you can start watching it instantly by clicking the “Play” button under the movie on the Netflix website. I found the video quality to be higher than expected, pretty close to DVD quality. This probably impressed me the most, and although there are some movies you can’t watch instantly on your computer, it seems like they are adding more and more every day.


  • 2 week free trial.
  • No late fees.
  • Watch thousands of movies and shows instantl on your computer.
  • Movies arrive in the mail in just one business day.
  • Low monthly fee after the free trial is up.
  • Rent as many Blu-ray disks as you want for just $1 more a month.
  • Movies now can be instantly streamed to the Xbox 360.


  • Not all movies and shows are available to watch instantly on your computer.


Netflix is the best way to rent movies out there, hands down. You can keep the movies as long as you want, and the fact that you can now watch a lot of the movies instantly on your computer makes trying this service a must. Once the free trial is up, Netflix charges a small monthly fee which is minimal compared to what you would pay at Blockbuster or with other movie rental services.

You can start your 2 week free trial of Netflix here.

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