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Dish 500

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What is DISH 500 ?

The DISH 500 is a 20″ satellite dish used by DISH Network subscribers. This new dish model is slightly larger than the previous DISH 300 which was only 18″ however it allows subscribers to receive more content and additional features. This is accomplished by allowing you to receive a satellite signal from 2 satellite locations (119° and 110° ) at once.

DISH Network recommends that all subscribers upgrade to the new hardware. This is because the DISH 500 allows DISH Network to offer more channels than with previous models due to a better receiving capability. DISH Network has also started to launch channels exclusive to subscribers with DISH 500 hardware, such as History Channel International and The Science Channel. In the near future, many more channels will be available exclusively to subscribers with a DISH 500 or DISH 500 Pro.

Overall the DISH 500 hardware allows for a larger selection of local and nationwide programming, and in many cases better signal reception. Upgrading to DISH 500 will also give you access to 29 additional Pay Per View channels, 2 new ShowTime channels, 2 exclusive HBO channels and 2 new Starz Movie Pack channels.

The DISH 500 and DISH 500 Pro hardware also have other advantages such as allowing you to access data service such as Satellite Internet and audio programming. You can also receive some HD content through this hardware, however for full HD content we recommend the DISH 1000 satellite system. The DISH 500 is compatible with DISHPro Receivers, 301, 311, 322, 411, 501, 508, 522, 622, 721, 811, 921, 942s.

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One Response to “Dish 500”
brett masters - September 15th, 2008 at 11:03 am

I have a question, Im moving to Phuket Thailand and Im trying to find a dish that will work over there and pick up a signal like here can you recommend any?
Thank you for your help

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